To A Community That Is Build On Trust, Truth and Transparency

Our Culture

The advancement of technology has brought in an ocean of opportunities. Nevertheless, we at The Kreative Academy believe that one can only sustain in the rapidly growing field of Advertising and Designing, only by having a strong understanding of the principles and practices that can in turn be beneficial for career advancement and success. Here, we thrive to foster a community that understands the importance and concepts of the working business world.

Our Values

With a lot of misunderstanding and misconceptions, our main focus is on enlightening and imparting knowledge as well as awareness to our students. We believe that only right practice and unswerving knowledge will develop a good web marketer. Our ultimate focus is to implement and make our students understand the right tactics and strategies that would be instrumental in the progression of their career! Regardless, we are in the pursuit of establishing a community of marketing leaders who can make business and user experience better

Our Ethics

The Advertising Industry is gullible to unfair practices. In an industry like this, which is full of deception and negligence, we at The Kreative Academy aim to implement the right course of action. To persevere in the Marketing Industry, we swear to make our students understand the core essence of business by identifying right and wrong. We are on the journey to make the system right and create a community of good marketers!