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Kerala’s 1st Digital Marketing and UI/UX Bootcamp Program, where we aim to empower and accelerate the Expert in you!

Join us for the most intensive and immersive training in Digital Marketing and UI/UX.

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Kreative Signs – Centre For Deaf

Deaf people can do anything hearing people can do except hear

Diploma in Digital Marketing Program
For Hearing Impaired

Our New Digital Marketing Program is one of a kind in India. It is exclusively designed and customized for the hearing impaired.

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All Programs Are Accredited by NSDC

All programs at The Kreative Academy are NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) -accredited, ensuring industry-aligned quality skill development recognized by employers, boosting students' job market competitiveness.

The Diploma Program is Affiliated with American Board of Education

The Kreative Academy's one-year diploma program in Designing and Digital Marketing is affiliated with the prestigious American Board of Education, providing students with a top-quality curriculum and faculty expertise. This affiliation enhances the program's credibility and prepares graduates for a better future.

The Kreative Academy

Why fit in? When you
can stand out!

The Kreative Academy is the first Digital Marketing and UI/UX BOOTCAMP training institute in Kerala. In our Bootcamp, we offer a highly experiential training program that will equip our students with the latest and contemporary skills, tactics, and strategies in the field of Digital Marketing and UI/UX Development.

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Working successfully with the big corporates


Have Seeen Over 1708% growth in their business


Have been winning the hearts of their clients

Our Alumni Work At

Great Learning
The Digitants
D2R Interiors
Cutis International
Edfin Learning
Invisor Global
Yolo International
Kreative Sparkz
Georgee & Co
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Awarded as The Best Brand
in Digital Consulting and Training


The Kreative Academy is proud and honored to be awarded as the Best Brand in Digital Consulting and Training by the ‘Brand Stories, 2k22’. The award was given away by honorable MP Shri Hibi Eden and Hon'ble Minister for Law, Industries & Coir Shri P. Rajeev. We are so blessed to have got the opportunity to be a part of this huge event and to get more exposure to the business sector.

To be recognized for our achievements among everybody is indeed a feather in our cap and we aspire to keep pushing to do even better in the future.

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The Kreative Academy
Step 01

Take the Baby Step

Register with us to get a call back. Hear and clear all your details and doubts.

Step 02

Try Before You Rely

Attend our 7 days of Bootcamp Training. If you find it ineffectual, get your full refund instantly and learn from our competitors!

Step 03

Enroll to be an Expert

If you loved our trial class , enroll with us and kickstart your Bootcamp Training.

Step 04

Survive the Bootcamp

Learn and know how to work with clients. Do real time - live projects, where you get to enhance your skills and upgrade to an Industry Expert.

Step 05

Get Certified Globally

After the completion of your course, you will be accorded with more than 8+ international certifications along with the On-job training certificate.

Step 06

Let your Resume Speak

With the client projects and the certifications that you received, build your international resume with a strong portfolio that will make you stand out from the “marketing crowd”.

Step 07

Live to Impact, Not to Impress

Get placed with MNCs with our lifetime mentorship support, work as a freelancer or start your journey as an entrepreneur your choice! But always remember, work for a cause and not applause.

Ever Wondered Why Some Digital Marketing & UI/UX Courses Are for “Free” and “Cheap”?

Kreative Academy's
Bootcamp Training
Real Work Experience
True Project Based Learning
Live Sessions and Mentorship
Job Ready Portfolio
Real-Time Live Projects
Work Experience Certificate
Career Guidance
Placement Guarantee
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Hear What Our Students Have to Say

Kreative Academy Alumni
Innu Moopan
Mohammed Shanil
Mary Tanisha
Student Reviews and Office View

To all the love and support that keeps us going!

Jithu Digital

Excellent Coaching By the team. This academy delivers practical knowledge that I can apply directly to my career. If you're serious about mastering digital marketing, look no further. This academy provides the tools and guidance you need to succeed.

Hibna Akbar

I truly appreciate kreative academy for teaching me the skills that I need to build my career in digital marketing...the tutors are very cooperative and are available 24/7 for any kind of guidance that i want.... They also provide 100% placement guarantee to the passouts which is a very good thing as we as freshers would not be knowing from where to start our career.. I would highly recommend kreative academy for anybody who wants to learn few skills and Excel in this digital world...

Athul Shaji

I recently completed my UX course at Kreative Academy and Special mention to my tutors Vaishak and Subeesh. They were really suppotive and helpfull from start to end. And acedemy also offer good amount of placements here. And happy share that am also placed.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this UX course from kreative. and rest is on your skills and hardwork...


Adarh P Anil

I cannot speak highly enough of the Kreative Academy. It truly stands out as an exceptional institution for learning digital marketing skills. The trainers are experts in the field, imparting their knowledge with passion and clarity. The curriculum is comprehensive, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of all key digital marketing strategies. What sets this institute apart is the emphasis on practical application through hands-on exercises and real-world projects. This approach solidifies the learning experience and prepares students for real industry challenges. If you are serious about excelling in digital marketing, I highly recommend Kreative Academy. It's a game-changer!

Santhosh Nair

I recently completed the UI and UX course at Kreative Academy Cochin, and I couldn't be happier with the experience. This course exceeded my expectations in every way. The instructors were not only knowledgeable but also passionate about the subject matter, making learning engaging and enjoyable. Special mention to Mr. Vaishak and Mr. Subeesh.

The course content was well-structured, covering both the fundamentals and the latest trends in UI and UX design. I appreciated the practical hands-on projects that allowed me to apply what I learned, and the feedback provided was invaluable for my growth.

What stood out the most was the emphasis on user-centered design. I now have a deep understanding of how to create intuitive and visually appealing interfaces that prioritize the user's needs and preferences.

The community of fellow learners was another highlight. Collaborating with others on projects and sharing insights made the learning journey even more enriching.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this UI and UX course to anyone looking to enhance their design skills. It has not only equipped me with the knowledge and tools I need but also inspired me to pursue a career in this field. Thank you to the entire course team for this incredible learning experience!

Jeffy George

Kreative Academy is a highly reputable study institution that provides exceptional educational opportunities for students.its outstanding faculty and staff. The institution attracts experienced and knowledgeable professors who are experts in their respective fields. They possess a passion for teaching and go above and beyond to ensure students receive a quality education. The staff members are friendly, approachable, and always ready to assist students with any queries or concerns.

Curriculum: The institution offers a well-designed and comprehensive curriculum that caters to a wide range of disciplines. Whether you're interested in business, science, humanities, or technology, Knowledge Academy has a program to suit your needs.

Anandu M.R

My experience at Kreative Academy's recent Digital Marketing Bootcamp really exceeded my expectations.The mentors were highly knowledgeable and approachable, offering practical insights and guidance throughout the program. The staff members were supportive and ensured a smooth experience from start to finish. What stood out was the hands-on approach, allowing us to apply the concepts through real-world case studies and projects. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge in this industry.

Lineesh Rk

I highly recommend The Kreative Academy to anyone who is interested in learning digital marketing. They deliver what they promise and my friends who studied there got placements as guaranteed. I want to give a special mention to Vijesh sir, who is an amazing mentor with over 15 years of experience in digital marketing. My friends and I are so thankful to The Kreative Academy for the quality education and the support they provided.

Renjini Shashikesh

Kreative Digital Marketing Academy is an outstanding institution that deserves heartfelt appreciation for its commitment to excellence in digital marketing education. Their knowledgeable instructors, practical approach, dedication to staying up-to-date, and supportive learning environment make it a top choice for aspiring digital marketers. I wholeheartedly commend Kreative Digital Marketing Academy for their remarkable contributions to the field and their commitment to shaping the future of digital marketing professionals.


Digital marketing has a lot of scope in our time and Kreative academy has helped me alot in gaining knowledge in the industry. Great faculty that treats you like family. Especially our mentor Vijesh sir have been really helpful even after completing the course. And the institute is in an easily reachable area through metro/bus. Would recommend

Lakshmi PS

For all those people looking for digital marketing institutes that provide the best quality training and hands on experience too - The Kreative Academy is your place! Be it their course fee, module, teaching methods.. everything is well designed and executed that it benefits us really well.. I did my DM coaching here and now it has helped build my career big time!

Balu Chand

The entire experience with kreative Academy was a very positive one. I felt that all staff members were always available and doing their utmost to help in anyway possible. A very welcoming place. The course itself and the tutors were very insightful. I've never completed a course like this before and I cannot express how great the instructor was and the overall content of the material. I would defintely recommend this to my co-workers as well as friends. I will be looking into taking more of these classes through Kreative Academy in the near future. Thank you

Ashaiq Mohammed

It's been a great experience learning with The Kreative Academy. I wanted to learn digital marketing for a while but wasn't sure where to begin. Thankfully I ended up in the right place. The Kreative Academy has great faculty who believe in a practical approach to teaching. They were highly supportive throughout and with their help I was able to build my career in digital marketing. I would gladly recommend The Kreative Academy to anyone looking to pursue Digital marketing as a career.

Anagha Mukundan

Thank you Kreative Academy for helping me build a career in digital marketing field. Be it the modules taught, teaching methods or handling live projects during the course, the training given by them was remarkable. They covered all aspects of digital marketing and also to gain experience I was given live projects to work on. Apart from these, I got placed in a reputed company too

Nevin Thomas

Very highly qualified faculty, so humble and down to earth staff's ... Best place to learn digital marketing in Kochi...

Mohammed Salman

It was a wonderful experience for me. I have learnt lots of things from Kreative Academy

Sheethal Ambrose

The best place to get hand on Digital platform! The faculties are the best in town .They take through a detailed step by step in each sessions and give us training on live pages. Even after the course they are in help and assist us for getting a good placement .


It was a wonderful experience in kreative acadamy. Always had good feedback after handing in assessments with some good advice attached. I personally think it's good the way it is. I really enjoyed doing this course, it gave me a world of knowledge and it was a fun learning experience! they conducting classes by limited students. and it will really help to intract with tutor. It gave me the confidence and skills that I needed to get into the industry. No feeling of being a fresher after the course. Thank you!

Muhammad Mvk

If you are in a hunt for the best digital marketing institute in Kochi , I would recommend The Kreative Academy is an excellent option for you to learn and develop digital marketing skill where they will take you smoothly from a beginner level to an advanced level where the faculties teach from their experience rather than following traditional teaching method and I guarantee you won’t regret your decision

Praveen Gopinath

It's a wonderful learning experience with the concepts and the applications of digital marketing. For an experienced marketing/Sales people, this course is really useful to refresh what I learnt/did before and give me some ideas about what I am going to implement in the future. The Kreative academy platform gave me an opportunity for upgrading my skill & thank the teacher Mr.Vijeesh & everyone else in Kreative academy...

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Our Certifications

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The Kreative Academy Course Completion Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

Our offline classes are conducted at Kochi &, Kerala office. We have online classes too. You can select your favourite time slot and attend. All Our Classes Are Live & Interactive. No Pre-Recorded Sessions. Also, we do provide our students with recordings of the classes which would be beneficial for them to revise for future.

As our course progresses and on completion of each module, you better be prepared to test your knowledge as examinations would be awaiting you. Once you clear out all the exams, you would be getting certifications from Google, Hubspot Academy, SEM Rush. You will also be getting a NSDC certificate from the Central Government. If you are a student who completed our Diploma Course you will also receive a certificate from The American Board of Education along with NSDC. Apart from that all of our students are also eligible for a Completion Certification from THE KREATIVE ACADEMY and On-Job-Training Certificate from Kreative Sparkz.

First of all, if you are not satisfied with the training, we will definitely ask you to pinpoint what went wrong. We will refund your money within 24 hours after you express your dissatisfaction.

Yes, we are a Government Recognised Institute. Any student who completes any program from The Kreative Academy will be receiving an NSDC certificate from the Central Government that is recognised internationally. Also if you are a student who enrolled for our Diploma Program you will be getting a certificate from The American Board of Education along with the NSDC certificate!

The Kreative Academy is offering the BOOTCAMP Program with a deeper insight. Walk in as a Layman and Walk out as a Professional, such is its detailed curriculum. Before enrolling, anybody can enquire about the curriculum and get convinced.

There are trainers who mostly have an attitude and there are few who have standard. Our mode of professionalism is to provide the maximum support until they achieve their goal.

We are always keen to take steps to see our students getting recruited, either through our clients or HR Agencies. However, our primary focus is to ensure that all our students are qualified to be Digital Marketing Professionals

Sometimes, it so occurs that people after completion of course, may face difficulties in implementing marketing plans and activities. We step in and work along with them to develop a winning strategy till the results are generated.

The current business scenario is competition between two: One who has knowledge in Digital Marketing Vs One who has no knowledge in Digital Marketing. This BOOTCAMP Program will help you use Online strategies to capitalize the global market.

Of course. In fact, these are days, when all that you need for a Start-up or work as a freelancer is Laptop + Internet + Smartphone + Digital Marketing techniques. You can even seek guidance from The Kreative Academy.

If you are looking for a job, you can submit your Resume to The Kreative Academy such that the Academy could recommend your service to clients directly or through HR consultants. If you want to be an entrepreneur, you can consult us and we can discuss what needs to be done, over a cup of a coffee.

As far as The Kreative Academy is concerned, our goal is to ensure that you become an expert, whatsoever by the end of the BOOTCAMP Program. After that, you say that your goal is not achieved, definitely we will discuss and seek a solution

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